An Unforgettable Company Trip

Creating memories and experiencing things together strengthens not only the cohesion between workmates, but also the relationship with the company or organization that has invited to the trip.

New environments give new visions and increase the participants creativity. An annual meeting on an alpine summit, a team building trip onboard a sailing yacht or a leadership meeting in an ancient ruin are all unforgettable memories.

We help you to plan an unforgettable company-trip or incentive treat

Just like any event, defining why you want to make this trip is of utmost importance. Once the why has been defined, we will help you find the right, feeling, experience and place.

How we can assist:

  • Project management and planning
  • Destination Research
  • Travel and accommodation reservations
  • Custom made itinerary/program
  • Activities, speakers, dinners and entertainment
  • Sign-up and delegate administration
  • Program planning and logistics
  • Technical advisory
  • Signage and Art work
  • Surveys and follow-up

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