It is impossible to explain exactly what we do, and even more difficult to tell you all about what we can do. To give you a better feeling of what kind of company we are, we have collected some of the events we have produced so far here in some case studies. Of course there are so much more on our CV.

Please let us know your vision and we will do our outmost to make it into reality.


Webbdagarna 2020

Ingress eng

Executive retreat in Paris

Ta ledningsgruppen till Paris - Det uppskattas!
Design | Events

Winter Party

Winter parties comes in all shapes. Let's make yours special.
Almedalen | Events

Hållbarhet Arena

Hållbarhet Arena ingress (engelska)

Fysioterapi 2019

Ingress Fys engelska

Events Webbdagarna 2020

Events | Travel Anniversary in Sitges

Design | Events Interior T100

Congress Fysioterapi 2019

Travel Staff trip to Palma

Design | Events Winter Party

Travel Executive retreat in Paris

Almedalen | Events Hållbarhet Arena