Organising a successfull congress

A congress might seem large and complex. Sometimes it may be hard to see where each piece of puzzle fits. Often there are a lot of participants, sometimes from all over the world. It is of utmost importance that all details are thought through in order to secure a god flow and a good participant experience.

With a lot of executed congresses in our portfolio we know exactly where each piece of the puzzle fits.

Each congress has its own specific needs. We help you identify your particular needs, in order to be able to succeed with your congress.

Some of our services

  • Participant handling
  • Finance handling
  • Congress website and registration
  • Venue finding
  • Accommodation finding
  • Event planning
  • Social program
  • Marketing
  • Exhibition handling
  • Technical project managment
  • Hosts/hostesses and registration staff
  • Abstract handling
  • Printed matters and signage
  • Evaluation
  • Scheduling and parallell sessions
  • Reservation of flights, trains and other transportation

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