Anniversary in Sitges

Last year we sent 80 people to Sitges for a grand celebration of the company’s Anniversary. An extensive array of activities were offered and the Gala dinner took place at an exquisite Bogdega in the Garaff Mountains. Both the CEO and the employees rated it one of the best company events ever.

Sitges anniversary

Winter Party


Christmas is one of the happiest holidays of the year. But som people do not celebrate Christmas. So Why not make it a Winter party to include all. We helped one of our clients to make the celebrations super happy by throwing a 80’s Afterski party complete with moon-boots, avalanges, blizzards and hotshots. Of course the best After-Ski-Band ever entertained the crowd all night long.

To create the right ambiance we turned an old night club into a chalet in the alps and created a tasty menu for all.

Webbdagarna 2020


Webbdagarna or The Web Days as it translates is one of the largest events in Sweden in the digital sector. E-comerse, Web strategies, CMS, AI, and all the important things when it comes to making business on the Internet are covered over this two day meeting. Since 2008 we have helped the organizers to produce an outstanding event that attracts some 1500 people in Stockholm.

2020 was special though. Just 5 days before the event the playground changed completely. Gatherings were limited to 50 people and the recommendation was to avoid all travel. So what to do? Go digital! In 5 days we changed the entire set-up to ebcome a studio produced web-event. Completa with 5 parallel tracks and 20 exhibiting partners in virtual booths.

If you can think it – you can make it! couldn’t be more true for Webbdagarna 2020.

Hållbarhet Arena


For 10 years we have organized the Sustainability Arena in Almedalen. It is one of the most important spots in Almedalen for environmental and sustainability meetings. Over the five days the Arena welcomes 4000 people to the 80 seminars and talks.

One of the highlights of the week is the Environmental Mingel where decision makers gather for networking and social activities.